St. Petersburg Public Regional Organization
"Voluntary Rescuers Association "Extremum"

founded in 2006

VRA "Extremum" is a public organization uniting trained volunteer rescuers and volunteers.

Main activities of the organization:

• organizing participation of volunteer-rescuers in search and rescue operations in emergency situations
• professional training of volunteer-rescuers and volunteers for activities in emergency situations and for search and rescue operations
• carrying out search and rescue operations by means of special SAR subunit of “Extremum”.

Members of “Extremum”

• SAR rescuers – trained and certified volunteer rescuers (qualification “Rescuer of the Russian Federation” and higher) directly participating in SAR operations
• Volunteers – volunteer members participating in SAR operations under the management of rescuers, providing assistance and contribution into SAR operations both by specific knowledge and by technical and other available resources.

SP PRO VRA Extremum:

• Public organization not managed by state authorities and other organizations from outside
• Self managed organization
• The organization independently develops its training standards and organizes training for its members, defines the applied search methods and SAR operations organization
• Cooperating with professional organizations and assisting them in their activities

SAR Unit Extremum

SAR Unit Extremum is not an alternative to professional rescue organizations. SAR Unit Extremum is an independent rescue organization coordinating its activities with Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) units and professional SAR organizations, carrying out rescue operations both with SAR units of MES units and independently.

One of the key directions of Extremum is carrying out search of people missed in the natural environment. We provide training of SAR groups, coordinators and SAR operations managers in this directions of activities. The system of duty shifts and information flow is set up. Search methods and tactical techniques are developed and applied. Special technical devices are applied.

Who can be the member of the organization:

Any citizen of 18 years old and older following the By-Laws of the organization can be its member.

• Member of the organization having passed the special RESCUER program training, certified for SAR operations or having any other SAR specialty can become a Rescuer of the SAR Unit Extremum
• Volunteer of Extremum – member of the organization without a special SAR training, taking part in certain activities in accordance with his training level, fulfilling assignments not demanding special training or assignments in accordance with his specific skills and knowledge, providing special technical resources for the organization.

Financing the organization is provided through its own resources replenished by membership fees, sponsorship and income from By-Laws activities. All the income are used exclusively for organizing operations, providing Extremum with necessary equipment, for training and publishing activities. .

We love nature, go to expeditions, climb the mountains, shoot the rapids and do many other interesting things.
And – we are volunteer rescuers, the first in the North-West of RUSSIA certified public rescuers.
We help people. Join us.

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